Our aquatic range of quality foods, accessories and fish tanks have been chosen to be suitable for the starter aquarium up to a professional tropical set up. We stock foods to suit every fish whether it is cold water goldfish or Siamese fighting fish we have specific foods for every need.

We have a range of pumps, filters and lighting from quality companies ensuring that you get the best possible set up for your aquarium.

Please note we do not sell live fish anymore however we do still sell live aquatic plants.


Information for tropical and cold water fish.

It is very important to get your tank or aquarium set up if you are thinking of having fish. Fish need bacteria to build up in the aquarium that will keep eating all the waste your fish produces and help your fish keep their ‘stress coat’. Many people introduce new fish to the aquarium too soon and this is when unexpected losses happen and common diseases occur.

You can speed up the bacteria process by using Tetra Aquasafe which contains live bacteria to help eliminate harmful substances in the water. You also need to treat your aquarium with Bio Active Tap Safe to help eliminate heavy metal chemicals present in tap water. We recommend that you do not give your aquarium a water change (even if the water is cloudy) for at least 4-6 weeks as the bacteria is only starting to become established. The bacteria will build up in the filter and the process of then water running through it will help to eliminate harmful nitrates and nitrite.

If your aquarium is large and contains a lot of fish you may have to change a small percentage of the water before the 6 week period.

We sell treatments for most common ailments and disease that are associated with fish.

For marine aquarium (salt water) information please seek advice from a marine fish specialist.


Pond food and accessories at The Big Pet Store

We stock a range of pond fish food, pond treatment, pumps and accessories.

Tetra Pond - Quality nutrition and treatments for pond fish.

  • Sticks, Pellets, Flakes, Sturgeon Pellets, Wheatgerm Sticks
  • Various great value sizes available 
  • Winter and summer foods
  • Holiday food
  • Green water, algae and blanket weed treatments 

Pond Choice - Our quality own brand range of pond food including our best selling 'peaches & orange' fish pellets available in a 2kg and 5kg bag. We also stock -

  • Pond Choice wheatgerm pellets
  • Pond Choice light pond sticks
  • Barley straw logs
  • Tap water treatment
  • Garden ornament cleaner
  • UV tubes for filters
  • Pond nets

Can't find what you want? We offer an order service on all products usually on a next day delivery in to store service, just ask a member of staff for information.

Fish Food

  • Tetramin
  • Tetraprima 
  • Goldfish Flakes
  • Tropical Flakes
  • Tetra Japan Gold
  • Algae Wafers
  • Hikari Selection
  • Plecostomus Tablets
  • Catfish Pellets
  • Goldfish and Tropical Sticks
  • Betta (Fighter) Food
  • Aquarian Fish Food

Aquatic Accessories

  • Pumps/Filters
  • Air Tubing/Air Stone 
  • Spare Filter Sponges
  • Spare Filter Carbon
  • Heaters
  • Lighting 
  • Breeding Nets
  • Gravel
  • Ornaments
  • Gravel Cleaners
  • Plus much much more...

Latest Aquatics in stock