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We stock a large range of products for virtually every ailment including preventative health care products and natural remedies. Read advice on our featured products and browse the range of treatments, medicines and remedies available.

Vince The vet Superfood Supplements

Vince The Vet supplements contain natural ingredients for the overall wellbeing of your cat. The range includes :


REBIOTICS TO PROMOTE GOOD DIGESTION AND THE VERY BEST OF HOLISTIC HEALTH, Prebiotic supplementation of a cats diet is an important part of maintaining a healthy digestion. It ensures that the normal gut flora balance is supported - which is a cornerstone of the digestive system's ability to break down food effectively and absorb essential nutrients. A healthy gut flora population also helps pets cope with periods of stress by supporting the immune system.



Adding a highly concentrated and easy to digest, natural source of essential nutrients to the diet each day, is an important part of maintaining health, energy and vitality. It provides many of the amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients the body needs to function as best as it can, and for normal tissue healing, regeneration and repair.


Supplementation of a dogs diet to support strong, healthy joints, is an important part of maintaining mobility.
It ensures that ease of movement is promoted, which is important for a happy, active life.
Healthy joints also help pets to position themselves to empty the bowels normally, groom themselves effectively and run, jump and play.



Supplementation of a cats diet with nutrients that promote a healthy immune system is an important part of maintaining the body’s natural defence mechanisms.
 It ensures that the ability to cope with stress and exposure to harmful microorganisms is supported - which is essential for the maintenance of good health.

Non-Stinky Stuff For Cats

Non-Stinky Stuff for Cats has been specially formulated for use on cats.

Non-Stinky is a light, soothing balm which can be applied directly to irritated areas and used as a feed supplement to help soothe from the inside too. With no need for mixing or shampooing, and no strong smells, Non-Stinky is ideal for using on your pet cats.


Feliway can help your cat adjust better to modern living by creating a supportive environment to help deal with unwanted feline behaviour.  

Feliway is a synthetic copy of the `feline facial pheromone' or `happy marker' that cats leave behind when they rub their face on people, furniture, doorways and other objects in the home. It is a sign they feel comfortable and safe in their home environment.

When used in the cat's home environment, Feliway provides the same comforting effect as natural pheromones do when deposited by cats themselves.

Feliway is a non-sedative, non-systemic and so can be used safely alongside other types of medications.

Key Benefits

Cats are at their most loving and content when they feel in control of their environment. Anything that interrupts this can unsettle them, such as moving, redecorating or bringing home a new baby or pet. Over time this can increase your cat's stress level, which can be expressed in various ways: 

  • Scratching or urine spraying in the home
  • Less interaction with you / hiding away
  • Anxiety when travelling
  • Loss of appetite 

  • Over-grooming 

Over time, if untreated, these behavioural changes may cause health related issues. 

Using Feliway can help give your cat a feeling of calm and reassurance. It is clinically proven to help reduce inappropriate behaviours caused by stress. 


The diffuser releases a comforting pheromone in the local environment and should be plugged into the room where the cat spends most of it's time, perfect for preventing unwanted behaviour at home.

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