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Edoardo Cat Post From Trixie 

  • Do you have a little feline friend at home? Give him/her a cosy place to play and rest with this cat tower Edoardo from Trixie!

Lined with ultra soft, thick plush, this sturdy wooden cat playhouse is extra comfortable for your little friend. Your feline friend can sharpen his/her claws on nearly every inch of the durable sisal exterior, which provides a healthy outlet for his/her scratching instincts. All caught up in the fun with this play tower, your mischievous little friend will be less likely to scratch your carpets or couch.

Alondra Scratching Post From Trixie

  • with felt/suede look cover 
  • post wrapped in natural sisal 
  • cave with sisal scratching surface, fitted with felt 
  • 2 reversible cushions: washable by hand 
  • colour: light grey-mottled/aquamarine/grey

Easy Fix By Gorpets - The Hut

The New Easy Fix Range of cat scratchers were created to relieve all the fuss of building them using traditional methods of bolts and screws.
The inner tubes are made from particle board instead of cardboard therefore are much stronger.
The rope is made from hemp giving them a more natural appeal.
The Easy fix range are made to withstand all your cats needs of play.

Espejo Scratching Post From Trixie

  • with plush cover 
  • post wrapped in natural sisal
  • top level for your cat to sit on
  • our best selling cat post
  • only £19.99

Pino Cat Tower 

  • with short-haired plush cover and sisal scratching surface 
  • with 2 storeys, fitted with plush 
  • padded platform 
  • reversible cushion on each level 
  • cushion cover: machine washable up to 30 °C/inner cushion: washable by hand 
  • colour: grey/light grey/turquoise

We have over 40 different designs and styles of cat posts in store to suit all cat sizes, needs and budgets. Come in store to browse our full range.

Cats need to scratch

Cats scratch furniture or walls/carpets to mark the area of their territory, they use their scent as an invisible perimeter. Many people place cat post where they want them in the house, not where the cat has it's territory. To avoid scratched furniture we recommend you have at least 3 posts per cat in your household and position them where the cat it scratching at the moment, this may not be where you want the post to be however cat posts are a lot cheaper than a new suite or carpet.

Kong Cat Toys

We stock over 30 different kong cat toys and activity centres including the Kong Active range, Kickeroo, Wubba, Naturals and Catnip toys. Come in store to see the huge selection of cat toys and activities.


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