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    Raw Feeding Explained

    Going Raw? Raw Feeding Explained Raw feeding is regarded by many as the most natural way to feed a dog and over the past few years it has become the fastest growing feeding trend in the UK. Many raw feeders prepare their own diets for their dogs but a number of companies have developed pre-prepared complete raw foods in the form of frozen blocks or nuggets which provide all of the benefits of raw feeding with all the convenience of a conventional dog food.Benefits of Raw food - Ease of...  Read More...

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    Carnilove Cat Now Available in Wet Food Cans

    Carnilove Grain Free & Potato Free TinsCarnilove canned products are over 55% real meat together with forest fruits, vegetables and herbs. These grain and potato-free meat cans with a unique composition of white muscle meat provide a delicious meal for cats. Unlike many other wet foods Carnilove is a complete food which means it has all the nutrients a cat or kitten needs to thrive, there’s no need to feed anything else.The canned products mirror the Carnilove dry product range of care...  Read More...

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    Use sunflower hearts for a wider variety of garden birds

    Why Sunflower Hearts are The Best Wild Bird Food1. High Energy ContentSunflower hearts have the highest calorie to weight ratio and a very high level of protein. This means that wild birds don't have to eat as many seeds to get the daily energy fix they require.The benefits of this energy boost are so great that birds known for eating insects are adopting a diet that includes sunflower hearts, sometimes as their main staple food.   Read More...

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    Foraging Nutrition For Rabbits - Natures Feast

    The new Natures Feast Rabbit Todd contains not only grass based nuggets but some foraging hay and veg as well. Natures Feast is not only nutritious form the inside but also keeps your rabbit happy in-keeping with their natural foraging behaviour.A feast that’s fun but also natural & healthyHigh in fibre (19% Crude)92% grass nuggets + 8% real grass, fruit & vegContains long fibre dried grass for dental healthWith prebiotics for digestive healthBlended with fun, tasty dried fruit and vegEn...  Read More...

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