Small Animals at the Big Pet Store

We stock products for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and ferrets as well as Degu’s and Chinchillas

We sell only the best food and treats, as well as fresh hay, straw and shavings delivered weekly.

 We change our small animal products and refresh the range all the time, so you never know what toy or treat will be in store the next time you visit.

 We offer free advice on anything regarding your furry friend from dwarf hamsters up to giant rabbits!

We pride ourselves on supplying the freshest hay and straw and the newest products in food, treats, toys and cages, with specialist staff trained in small animal care you are sure to get the best possible service!

 You can find a large selection of accessories such as:

  • Hay racks
  • Toys
  • Edible play things
  • Tunnels and hammocks
  • Grooming products
  • Harnesses


We offer a selection of hutches and runs for Rabbits, guinea pigs, Chickens and even tortoise.

We have all of our range on display in store- find the store here

Rabbit Welfare

We work closely with the Rabbit welfare association to ensure all the products we sell are the best for  your rabbit. We only sell hutches and runs that are supported by the RWAF, and we can recommend a rescue centre that is looking to re-home loads of Bunnies!!

 Visit to visit the RWAF  and for information about rehoming a bunny!

hutch list 2017

Thank you- Very happy now

" Thanks to the helpful advice, suggestions and diet changes from the Big Pet store Ollie (our lovely yorkshire terrier) has a shiny coat, stopped looking glum and has a spring in his tail"
Glenda W

Visit the store for advice with your pet

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