Wild Bird & Animal Care at The Big Pet Store

We stock a range of quality food and accessories for your garden friends.

Wild Bird

We stock all the best seed mixes, straights, feeders, treats and accessories for your wild bird visitors to thrive and to keep them coming back to your garden year on year.

In store you will find -

  • Quality filtered bird foods 
  • High quality suet and fat treats
  • Squirrel proof bird feeders
  • Quality feeders and feeding stations
  • Special offer fat balls
  • Value Bulk peanuts and sunflower hearts
  • Specialist seed mixes
  • Mealworms
  • Nyjer seed
  • Wheat free seeds

Sunflower Hearts -

For a wider variety of garden birds we recommend using mainly sunflower hearts, not only is there less waste with hearts they have the right amount of energy and fat that birds crave all year round. Many people believe that a mixed seed will attract a wider variety when in fact it is a number of feeders each with specialist single seeds and high quality fat treats that will attract the more rarer of bird.

Our sunflower hearts are available in 2kg, 4kg, 12.5kg and 22.6kg bags. Remember if you need a large bag and can’t carry it a member of staff will be more than happy to assist you to your car.

Walter Harrison’s Bird Feeder Range

We have a comprehensive range of wild bird feeders, from premium die-cast aluminum feeders to great value but durable plastic feeders. The range includes general seed feeders, specifically designed Nyger Seed feeders, Peanut and Suet Pellet feeders, fat ball and suet roll feeders and more! They are all designed to be easy to clean and safe for your garden birds. Our innovative flip top feeders make the process of refilling your feeder whilst holding the bag of bird seed incredibly easy.

Bucktons & Peckish Special Offers

Bucktons 150 Energy Balls

A high energy formulation with added black sunflowers to attract birds. Our UK manufactured Energy Balls provide calcium for egg production and the texture has been specially designed for an easy consumption for our feathered friends. RRP - £24.99 ONLY £15.99

Energy Suet Pellets

A high energy source for wild birds, which can be fed all year round. A great option during the winter months and breeding periods to provide the energy Wild Birds need. ONLY £9.99 for 3kg & £29.99 for 12.75kg

Many more offers available in store, come in to see our huge range of high quality wild bird products at competitive prices.

Garden Friends

Hedgehogs, Badgers, Foxes, Ducks & Waterfowl

We stock a range of wild animal food. For information on products available please visit our dedicated wild animal food page.