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We stock everything you need for your feline friend (or friends) - From food and toys to cleaning and litter, we have everything you need.


We know cat’s can all be different, have different energy levels, different needs, some are indoor, some are outdoor, whatever your cat does we have the expertise to advise in whatever nutrition you cat requires.

Whether they have an illness, are prone to stomach upsets or urinary problems we have tailor made highly nutritious foods to suit any problem.

We Stock for Cats:

  • High Quality Cat litters such as Cat’s Best Oko Plus, which is flushable and 100% organic
  • Cat litter tray’s and covered loo’s
  • Cat toys and treats
  • We have a vast variety of Cat furniture and scratchers to choose from small scratch pads up to ceiling high posts
  • Cat Carriers and Beds

Charlies Choice - Love your Cat

Charlies Choice is our own brand Cat Food that unlike most supermarket brands really competes with the best of them. Based on the same composition as other branded foods but at a snippet of the price, Charlies choice really is the perfect alternative to other more expensive foods, without compromising on quality for your Cat. 

  • Kitten Food - A rich, highly palatable food, providing the essential nutrition for healthy growing kittens
  • Chicken Cat Food - A rich, nutritious and complete cat food providing all of the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain the health and vitality of your cat
  • Salmon Cat Food - A highly palatable Salmon Cat Food provides cats with a balance and complete diet
  • Senior Cat Food - Specially formulated for senior cats (7+ years) to aid weight management, joint conditions and heart function

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The Best Cat Litter..

Cat's Best Öko Plus is up to 3 times more efficient than conventional clumping cat litter because the natural plant fibre capillary system is very effective in retaining fluids.  Cat's Best Öko Plus can be used more sparingly and is therefore more economical than many other types of cat litter.

Cleaning and refilling the litter box is reduced to a minimum because Cat's Best Öko Plus stays in the litter box longer- thanks to its ability to trap odours and remain fresh-smelling.


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Thank you- Very happy now

" Thanks to the helpful advice, suggestions and diet changes from the Big Pet store Ollie (our lovely yorkshire terrier) has a shiny coat, stopped looking glum and has a spring in his tail"
Glenda W

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