Cats at the Big Pet Store 

We stock everything you need for your feline friend(s), from quality dry and wet food to organic cat litter and the latest toys and cat posts.

We specialise in quality cat products and healthy nutrition. We beileve the 5 hours a day cats don’t sleep should be spent having fun! With our huge range of toys, activity centres and cat furniture you are sure to find the purr-fect entertainment for your cat.


We know cat’s can all be different, have different energy levels, different needs, some are indoor, some are outdoor, whatever your cat does we have the expertise to advise in whatever nutrition you cat requires.

Whether they have an illness, are prone to stomach upsets or urinary problems we have tailor made highly nutritious foods to suit any problem.

Want Advice and Nutrition for your Cat? 

Cat Litter

We stock various types of cat litter in store. Our most reccomend litters are -

Cats Best Oko Plus - Organic wood based litter which is not only long lasting but flushable and Bio degradable. Clumping for easy of emptying. A 10l bag will last an average cat between 4-6 weeks ( that’s 4 times longer than traditional litter) available in 10L and 30L.

Cats Best Nature Gold - Organic wood based litter, the same as the Oko Plus only in a less traceable pellet, much easier to clean from around the tray. Available in a 10L and 30L.

Worlds Best Cat Litter - 100% Natural clumping litter,  99% dust free and made from whole kernel corn. 

We also stock fullers earth litter by Pettex, Sanicat wood pellets, Sanicat anti-bacterial, Sanicat pink, Sanicat original, Intersand clumping litter, Maisy corn based litter, Catsan and Felight crystal litter.

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

The Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap range is available In 3 varieties, the classic cat flap which you can program your cat (or up to 33 cats) using it’s individual microchip stopping unwanted visitors from entering your home. There is also a dual scan cat flap in which you can set individual open and close setting for each cat and a large size cat flap for larger cats or smal dogs. We also stock a range of accessories such as window mounts and tunnel extensions for thicker walls. All flaps are battery operated with a life of around 12 months on average.

Sureflap - the original and best microchip cat flap.

Cat Accessories

We stock a huge range of cat accessories.

  • Cat Litter Trays
  • Cat Toys
  • Cat Tunnels
  • Catnip
  • Cat Collars
  • Handmade Cat Bandanas
  • Cat Cleaning Products
  • Litter Freshener 
  • Litter Scoops
  • Cat Beds
  • Water Fountains
  • Cat Bowls
  • Outdoor Cat Houses
  • Cat Shampoo
  • litter Locker
  • Kong Cat Activity Centres
  • Kitty Grass
  • Plus much much more...

The Big Pet Store Halesowen near Birmingham, West Midlands . Stockist of Cat food, dry cat food, wet cat food, cat punches, cat flaps, cat toys, cat litter, cat litter trays, sureflap, cat fountains, canagan, carnilove, Royal canin, James Wellbeloved, hills, Trixie, Kong, cat posts, cat hairball treatment and raw food for cats

  • Carnilove Cat Now Available in Wet Food Cans

    Carnilove Grain Free & Potato Free TinsCarnilove canned products are over 55% real meat together with forest fruits, vegetables and herbs. These grain and potato-free meat cans with a unique composition of white muscle meat provide a delicious meal for cats. Unlike many other wet foods Carnilove is a complete food which means it has all the nutrients a cat or kitten needs to thrive, there’s no need to feed anything else.The canned products mirror the Carnilove dry product range of care...  Read More...

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